As a couple, you may have spent romantic nights with your other half having dinner at one of the restaurants in the city, watching late night movie shows or sipping in late night coffee. But as we dwell between the jungle of concrete, we find nothing new in getting the same experience all over again as you visit same or different places in the city. To rejuvenate the flame of romance in your relationship get yourself far away from the hustle of the city and pamper yourself and your other half with the tranquility of the nature to spend a romantic night. So below are the places which would give you an awe-inspiring experience in the darkness of night with the company of your beloved.



Romantic Night sonmarg

Sonmarg valley in Jammu and Kashmir is famous for its splendid scenic beauty of snow covered peaks in the daytime, but as the day sets the real beauty of the valley comes to life. You could lay down on a mat with your companion gazing the marvelous milky way filled with huge constellation of stars in the clear skies of Gulmarg and get lost in the dream like beauty with serenity enjoying the romantic night.


2.Jaisalmer (night camping)

Romantic Night jaisalmer

Camping at night may seem to be common but camping in Thar desert of Jaisalmer is totally different experience. Spending a romantic night in the desert with your camps laid out with all the amenities compacted in it away from the honking sounds in the city is an experience everyone should have. While the sand dunes are covered in frost and campfire spreads the mist of warmth in your body, you along with your beloved could enjoy the fire while digging deeper into each other’s heart.


3. Chikmanglur(spend a night)

Romantic Night chikmanglur

Chikmanglur is a hill station in Karnataka at an elevation of 1090 m from sea level covered with lush green vegetation. The resorts like the Serai resort is a famous honeymoon spot offering the romantic vibe in the woods with all its attributes amplified for love. You can have a candle light dinner in the open shades of the woods at night covered with spherical lights and fireflies that would definitely bring the glow to your romance.


4. Kabini

Romantic Night kabini

Kabini also known as the Kapila flows through the Wayanad District of Kerala. You may have enjoyed spending some leisure time on the banks of a river but taking boat ride sounds more interesting, but having a candle light dinner on a special boat reserved for in middle of the river seems like a fairy-tale. Evolve back resort near Kabini gives you a chance to be the part of the fairy-tale by giving a candle light boat-dining experience in the darkness of night in middle of the silently floating waters of Kabini, where you can enjoy the cold breeze and calmness of the water while you sip in a glass of wine and set your love afloat spending a romantic night.


5. Bassein beach, thane

Romantic Night bassein beach

Bassein beach located in Thane at a distance of 60 -70 km from Mumbai is one of the best tourist spots. The beach is open for tourists at night as well, it gives a spellbinding view with the light brown sand covered shores and the noise of the waves hitting your ears makes the place perfect for a walk on the shores with each other’s company spending a romantic night.


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