As a single we all may adopt the quote “I like being single, I’m always there when I need me”. On the outer side of us we may try to project ourselves as the happiest person to whom the relationship status does not make a difference but to contradiction the empty space always makes its presence feel may it be a void inside your heart or an empty seat of your vehicle behind you or besides you. So if you have been waiting for the right time and place to find your other half, here stands the opportunity which you could not afford to miss.These best pubs in India can be the perfect place to get a date for yourself.

As pubs are normally occupied by the millennial that is the people of age group ranging from 18 – 32 and the music mixed with spirit running through the veins makes the ambiance more vulnerable to gather enough courage to set oneself free from the limiting boundaries and ask someone really impressive for a date. So it’s the ambiance that does all the magic on you and if you are lucky enough someone already under the spell of the magic may come to you asking for a date.


So here are the list of pubs where the opportunity is waiting for you:


1.Hard Rock cafe

Best Pubs In India hard rockWhere: Plot No. 81/82 East Main Road, Koregoan Park, Pune 

Hard rock café famous has been very popular as American rock bar culture which made its debut to Pune in 2009 is a perfect place to get the essence of the Hard rock American culture. Hard rock café offers heavy dose of live music performed by local and international artist, and with the live music also comes a mouth-watering American food menu and Big Cheese 10 oz. Burger tops the list which makes it one of the best pubs in India as well as America. The café is spread across three different sections and the stage in the centre. And just if you are wondering if that’s all, the spirit of the café comes to life when the staff jumps on to the table to dance on their YMCA song.




Best Pubs In India aerWhere: Four Seasons Hotel, 1/136, E Moses Road, Worli, Mumbai

The edgy rooftop bar located at the 34th floor of Four Seasons Hotel is one of highest located open-air bars of India. The panoramic view of the sunset drowning into the sea from top of the city makes it look perfect. The place is kept a buzz by a Saucer shaped bar in the center to get you high with its heady cocktails and the resident DJ playing upbeat jazz, funk. While it also host’s some of the Indian and International DJ’s on its various events throughout the month. This is one of the best pubs in India for people who like to enjoy the natures glory with the music of the best DJ’s.




3.Love passion karma (LPK Waterfront)

Best Pubs In India loveWhere: LPK Waterfront, Bhatiwado, Nerul, Goa

LPK is one of the finest and most exotic party places in the country, the place seems to be evolved straight out of imagination, a dream destination for all the party hard lovers. The decor of the place makes you feel lost on the historic island covered with ruins and carvings all around the walls and ceilings in the spell of modern music. The parties here are undoubtedly wild and attracts international crowd in vast majority, and by chance if you find someone perfect for you at the place you can just step out of the deck to spend some together while you enjoy the cool breeze in the darkness of night. LPK is one of the best pubs in India for the people who like to have wild parties along with some foreigners.




4.Mi-A-Mi Club

Best Pubs In India mi-a-miWhere: J.W Marriot, S.B Road, Pune

Mi-A-Mi Club is undoubtedly Place best suited for Young college crowd as it is located in the centre of the city and to the proximity to the well know colleges like Symbiosis, S.N.D.T etc and the entry fees to the club is affordable compared to other pubs. The club is famous for its better dance floor and trance lighting and famous Wednesday Ladies night where they are offered free drinks.





Best Pubs In India bluefrogWhere: Zeba Centre, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai

The pub is famous for its expressive interior décor with high end ceilings and blue console covering your bay area. It attracts young and fun-loving crowd by its events where it hosts many famous bands like Indian ocean and stand-up comedians like Zakir Hussain. The place is perfect for people who prefer slow music and like to enjoy the melody over rock hard music.




Best Pubs In India skyyeWhere: 16th Floor, Canberra Block, UB City, Bengaluru

Skyye lounge offers a breath-taking view of the UB city, Bangalore with the glass flooring covered by its low innovative lighting to make you feel the ambiance of the sky at the 16th floor. The lounge attracts posh locals with International crowd. The midnight breeze can be felt caressing your body with the in house music which makes you feel the rhythm of the night. The modern Rooftop is also famous for its signature cocktails like Twilight Bikinis, Rock ‘N’ Roll etc. This is one of the best pubs in India for the people who would like to enjoy the spellbinding view of the city and feel as the king of the world.



7.Privee Club

Best Pubs In India priveeWhere: Shangri-La’s Eros Hotel, Connaught Place, New Delhi

Privee club is one of its kind that has raised the bar of its standard to the world-class night clubbing. It has a massive dancing floor and a VIP area collectively covering up to 10,335 Sq.ft, an experience of unmatched expensive dining with premium liquor options, stands as an icon of luxury in the heart of the country. The place is filled with crowd who loves to be the part of or experience the personified nightlife with the blend of world class luxury.


So get yourself set to cross your limiting boundaries and take a decision to be at one of the places to celebrate your existence where you may find someone waiting to be part of your beautiful journey.


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