When the windows of your office gets covered with the shades of dark clouds and when your windows machines are getting flooded with work and you are just not able to decide whether to have a cup of coffee with your Cubicles or to go on a date with Monsoon to have a cup of Chai with Bhaji. Let your heart decide if it is ready to make some more unforgettable memories and give cubicle a break. Here is the list of Top 5 destinations to set yourself free to get the much needed break and that would really make it worth.


destinations to set yourself free munnar

Munnar is one of the best monsoon destinations to set yourself free with every inch of it filled with natures glory, it truly gives an out of India experience to the visitors. Munnar also has lush green farms of tea plantations with the streams flowing through the veins of mountain ranges and the waterfalls like Lakkam Waterfalls and Attukad Waterfalls adds to the beauty of Munnar, And wildlife Sanctuaries like Rajmala Wildlife Sanctuary is a must visit for Wildlife lovers


destinations to set yourself free spiti

Spiti valley is an exact replica of your imagination of heaven. It is a rare untouched blend of snow and dessert away from the shores of cities flooded with traffic and technology. Gazing at the milky way would make you feel lost in the treasure of Diamonds. And a ride on a Yak and a campfire at Chandrakala lake are the things one should never miss.


destinations to set yourself free coorg

If you are among the one who would just like to stay at home enjoying a cup of coffee on your lazy couch enjoying the rain in the balcony, there are probably no other destinations to set yourself free better than Coorg for you. Coorg is a place full of scenic beauty that gets even richer in monsoon, and there lots of homestays that offer you exactly what you are looking for, A balcony that gives you a scenic view with a cup of hot coffee that is grown in Coorg itself. And if you wish to hop out sometimes Abbey Falls and Raja Seat Mantapa are worth visiting.


destinations to set yourself free malshej

Malshej Ghat is nothing less than a wardrobe of waterfalls, located in Maharashtra at distance of 118 km form Pune the place could be your best destinations to set yourself free if you are looking for a one day road trip. The roads to Malshej are covered with thick fog in monsoon with nature wrapped inside them surprising you every moment with waterfalls and lakes with crystal clear water covered with mountains wearing a green fur.


destinations to set yourself free kodaikanal

Kodaikanal is located at a distance of 110 km from Madurai and located at about 2000 m above the sea level , this is a best place for a family trip in monsoon where everything is covered with moist and fog, while boating in the Kodai lake with your family makes you feel calm and fulfilled. Attractions like Coakers Walk and Pillar Rocks are hot tourist spots.

So set yourself free from the bondage of tangled wires and hustle of the office to discover a new side of the world and to gift your soul the freedom. Time is priceless and so is your life, so don’t force yourself to spend it on the monotonous schedules. Spare yourself and get the best memories of your life so you do not have any things left behind to regret. Hence pack your bags without bothering to carry raincoats, start your bike and set off for the Independence leaving behind worries, tension, stress and responsibilities.


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