As grown-ups even though our lives has been conquered by our routines juggling between the crowd to raise the bar of our standards, We would all agree to the our childhood dream of living in a tree house inspired by the Cartoon Network. But as the age made its way to maturity the dream of living in a Tree seemed to be fictitious. But the time has come to make your move and fulfill one of your dreams. Staying in a Tree house could be a mesmerizing experience, that could give you a break from your deep relationship with electronic and social media, resetting your mind and soul to its very origin. Monsoon is the best season to get an unforgettable experience of getting occupied by nature and witness the best scenic view of flora and fauna at its peak at these tree house stay in India.

So, get a chance to live your dream at these 5 destinations:


1.The Machan: – Lonavala

tree house stay The Machan

tree house stay the machan

The Machan is located at 100 Km form Mumbai and 60 Km form Pune. The site is spread in Tropical Cloud forest which gives a panoramic view from the deck, as you reside in your cosy chair. This tree house stay gives a feel of being a integral part of the forest itself with the taste of its luxury.


2.Vythiri Resort: – Wayanad

tree house stay vythiri

tree house stay vythiriAlso called as resort on the tree is located in the lush green jungles located on the mountains of Lakkidi, in Wayanad District of Kerala. The resort offers 5 tree house  stayin its cradle surrounded by the gurgling water streams mixed with the melody of chirping birds. The Resort is also famous for its appealing swimming pool and Ayuvedic Assets at its best.


3.Vanya tree house: – Kumily

tree house stay Vanya tree tree house stay Vanya tree

Vanya Tree house stay is nestled in green dense forest of Thekkady district of Kerala, the tree house is built on a single tree offering a captivating view of western Ghats. The place is a perfect getaway for people who love to explore wildlife and like to experience raw nature, as the 10-acre property of the resort is neighbor to Periyar Wildlife Park. You could also opt for trekking to the hilltop and could also get a glimpse of some wild animals of you are lucky enough.


4.The Tree House Hideaway: – Bandhavgarh

tree house stay The tree house tree house stay The tree house

Tree House Hideaway is located in the dense forest of Bandhavgarh tiger reserve of Madhya Pradesh. The Resort is home to 5 such tree houses, the tree house stay is bestowed with all the modern amenities like hot water shower, air-con, electricity etc.

Photographers and naturalist are attracted in great numbers to capture the presence of rare sight of tigers. You could also take a safari to the jungle to get the proximity to the wildlife like Langur Monkeys, Sambar Deer, Tigers and much more.


5.Rainforest Boutique Tree House Resort: – Athirapally

tree house stay rainforest tree house stay rain forest

Rainforest Boutique Tree house is located near the famous Arthirapally waterfalls, which is one of the best waterfalls in Kerala. The house provides a perfect bird’s view for the thundering waterfall while you sip your coffee in the balcony of your house. The tree house is located in Sholayar Rainforest giving you an opportunity to witness the exotic animals and birds in the forest and also a chance to go for a guided jungle trek to have a once in a lifetime experience.

So plan a holiday with your friends or family to enjoy the beauty of monsoon away from hustle of the city and a take a deep dive into the nature’s glory when it is at it’s peak at these tree house stay to get an experience that would be hard to forget.

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