Sitting in the balcony starring at the birds in the sky, of course a thought would have passed through your mind – What if you were given a chance to fly in the blue skies leaving behind all the hustle and traffic of the city. One day just to see the world from Eagles eye free from the boundaries of oval windows or Emergency Exits doors. Well your wish is no longer an imagination but a dream turned to reality. These places offer microlight flying in India at prices in your budget

Well your chance is here, below are the 3 places where you can fly high

1.Adventure Joyride, Pune

Microlight Flying adventure

Pune has a gliding center near Hadapsar where you can have this joyride. They have a glider for carrying 2 people, one Pilot and a passenger. Once took off, pilot can talk to you and show you the world beneath. You can dare to have a control over the glider if you want. Age limit for Joyride is 6 Years – 70 Years and it is necessary that the passenger should be medically and physically fit so that they can enjoy the joyride

So don’t miss this opportunity which can make you fall in love with Pune all over again!

2.Microlight Flying, Bangalore

Microlight Flying microlight

Bangalore, if the city had its own flag, It would be in Red, Orange, Green. We all know the major problem of Bangalore is Traffic. But the best part here is microlight flying. In this quirky traffic, give yourself an hour or half by visiting microlight flying close to Yelahanka. In the pleasant weather of Bangalore, you can have sky ride to get a break from your daily traffic routine for experiencing actual natural beauty of Bangalore. The experience is nothing short of exciting as you fly above at 4000ft. You can have 2 people in total and you would have the job of a co-pilot.

3.Microlight Flying, Coorg

Microlight Flying microlight

Experience the thrill of flying at a height of 5,000 feet and get a bird’s eye view of dreamy Coorg with a 10 minutes or 30 minutes ride. The hand glider is perfect for two people and comes with a robust machine that reaches a speed of 100 km/hr. Feel the sky as you fly at around 5000 feet above the surface of the earth and delight in the sights, as said by Neil Armstrong – Gliders, sail planes, they’re wonderful flying machines. It’s the closest you can come to be a bird.

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